Judges comments from the 2013 Mensa Mind Games
competition in St.Louis (May 2013):
~     “Wow –  Just Great!”     ~    
~     “Love the design – very unusual”
~     “Quick and easy to learn with beautiful coloured cards”     ~
~     “Great art with reasonably deep strategy”    ~
~     “Great cards! Beautiful photos”
~     “Very creative concept – a nice twist on rummy”
~     “Excellent game!”     ~

and then…

“Kenakalan is a fantastic, easy to play game that is ideal for families with smaller children.  Its quick play time can serve as a nice after-dinner family game and its simple (but engaging) mechanics will attract players of all ages.” 

Read the full Review by Vince Paone of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on his blog: Dad’s Gaming Addiction. September 2012.








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