Welcome to Kenakalan

When you play Kenakalan, you become a tour operator on the paradise isle of Bali.  So everything’s wonderful —  except for those MADDENING MONKEYS!
After all, you’ve got a business to run: to outdo all your tricky competitors and arrange your perfect tours. 
But … just when you’re on the brink of victory the WICKED MONKEYS  ruin your beautiful plans with their MONKEY MISCHIEF.
Play Kenakalan – the fun new card game – and discover the truth:  are you the king of the operators or just monkeying around?
 Kenakalan graphic showing wise and wicked monkeys from Bali
Kenakalan means “Mischief” in Bahasa Indonesia and Malay.
“This game is both beautiful and fun”


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Five tour cards from the Kenakalan game of monkey mischief

                          2-6 players                15-30 minutes                      Age 8 +
                                 How much mischief can you unleash?